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Algorithm for Multi Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Environment
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 733 - 739
Cloud Computing offers storage resources as well as network and computing resources to the organizations. This eliminates the high infrastructure cost for the organizations that are using these services as they can now dynamically pay for these services, i.e., pay per use model, which is followed by most of the cloud providers. As the organization does not locally host these resources, these are comparatively far easier to manage and use than the traditional infrastructural resources. As a result of these factors, the popularity of cloud computing is increasing continuously. But this transfer of data and applications to the cloud server also creates some challenges. It poses problems that must be dealt with properly to ensure a secure cloud computing environment. As more and more sensitive data is being uploaded on the cloud in the present scenario, the privacy and security concerns associated with the data is continuously increasing. To address this, issue the data is stored on the cloud in the encrypted form. Also, as the amount of data stored is usually tremendous, so an efficient search scheme is also necessary. So here, we deal with two significant aspects of cloud computing: Encryption and Searching. We are proposing a secure and efficient encryption scheme to encrypt the data stored in the cloud as well as the queries along with a multi-keyword search scheme to search over the encrypted cloud data. © 2020 IEEE.