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Adaptive multifocus image fusion using block compressed sensing with smoothed projected Landweber integration in the wavelet domain
V.S. Unni, , G.R.K.S. Subrahmanyam
Published in OSA - The Optical Society
Volume: 33
Issue: 12
Pages: 2516 - 2525
The need for image fusion in current image processing systems is increasing mainly due to the increased number and variety of image acquisition techniques. Image fusion is the process of combining substantial information from several sensors using mathematical techniques in order to create a single composite image that will be more comprehensive and thus more useful for a human operator or other computer vision tasks. This paper presents a new approach to multifocus image fusion based on sparse signal representation. Block-based compressive sensing integrated with a projection-driven compressive sensing (CS) recovery that encourages sparsity in the wavelet domain is used as a method to get the focused image from a set of out-of-focus images. Compression is achieved during the image acquisition process using a block compressive sensing method. An adaptive thresholding technique within the smoothed projected Landweber recovery process reconstructs high-resolution focused images from low-dimensional CS measurements of out-of-focus images. Discrete wavelet transform and dual-tree complex wavelet transform are used as the sparsifying basis for the proposed fusion. The main finding lies in the fact that sparsification enables a better selection of the fusion coefficients and hence better fusion. A Laplacian mixture model fit is done in the wavelet domain and estimation of the probability density function (pdf) parameters by expectation maximization leads us to the proper selection of the coefficients of the fused image. Using the proposed method compared with the fusion scheme without employing the projected Landweber (PL) scheme and the other existing CS-based fusion approaches, it is observed that with fewer samples itself, the proposed method outperforms other approaches. © 2016 Optical Society of America.
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