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A photoemission study of the influence of sputtering on the Au-Bi(2212) interface
P. Srivastava, N.L. Saini, B.R. Sekhar, S. Venkatesh, M. Khaled, S.K. Sharmat, K.B. Garg, , R.P. Gupta, W.S. KhokleShow More
Published in
Volume: 7
Issue: 12
Pages: 940 - 943
X-ray photoemission measurements were performed on Au deposited on a Bi(2212) single crystal after progressively sputtering it with Ar ions. This was to see whether changes such as diffusion of Au, segregation of a particular element or clustering effects take place at the interface. Spectra of different core levels reveal no elemental diffusion at the interface and an absence of Au interaction with the crystal at room temperature.
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JournalSuperconductor Science and Technology