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A novel hyperstring based descriptor for an improved representation of motion trajectory and retrieval of similar video shots with static camera
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Pages: 174 - 177
A framework has been proposed for representing the trajectory of a moving object, using a novel hyperstring based approach for efficient retrieval of video shots. The hyperstring based model unifies both the structural and kinematic features for an improved representation of the trajectory. A Constraint-driven Adjacency Graph matching (CAGM) algorithm has been proposed to measure the similarity between a pair of query and model hyperstrings. Experiments have been performed on benchmark datasets of trajectories (one synthetic and three real-world video shots), to assess the performance (using Precision-Recall metric) of the proposed model. Results have been compared with two similar published works on video retrieval using trajectories, to demonstrate the superiority of our proposed framework. © 2012 IEEE.
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JournalProceedings - 2012 3rd International Conference on Emerging Applications of Information Technology, EAIT 2012