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A Novel Heterogeneous Algorithm for Multiplying Scale-Free Sparse Matrices
K.R. Ramamoorthy, , K. Srinathan, K. Kothapalli
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 637 - 646
Multiplying two sparse matrices, denoted spmm, is a fundamental operation in linear algebra with several applications. Hence, efficient and scalable implementation of spmm has been a topic of immense research. Recent efforts are aimed at implementations on GPUs, multicore architectures, FPGAs, and such emerging computational platforms. Owing to the highly irregular nature of spmm, it is observed that GPUs and CPUs can offer comparable performance. In this paper, we study CPU+GPU heterogeneous algorithms for spmm where the matrices exhibit a scale-free nature. Focusing on such matrices, we propose an algorithm that multiplies two sparse matrices exhibiting scale-free nature on a CPU+GPU heterogeneous platform. Our experiments on a wide variety of real-world matrices from standard datasets show an average of 25% improvement over the best possible algorithm on a CPU+GPU heterogeneous platform. We show that our approach is both architecture-aware, and workload-aware. © 2015 IEEE.