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A novel EBG structure with super-wideband suppression of simultaneous switching noise in high speed circuits
, J. Mukherjee, P.R. Apte, R.K. Nagpal, N.K. Chhabra, R. Malik
Published in IEEE Computer Society
Pages: 243 - 246
A novel uniplanar electromagnetic band-gap structure to maintain power integrity by suppressing simultaneous switching noise (SSN) is presented. The EBG structure with stopband from 750 MHz to 5.10 GHz is designed, fabricated and validated using network analyzer. Simulation results are verified by measurements and compared with the earlier published structures. Suppression of resonant cavity modes of power plane by EBG structure is also shown. The adoption of EBG structure in power deliver network is recommended to reduce the high frequency noise coupling between neighboring devices. These structures further help in better EMI/EMC compliance of the product by attenuating the propagation of high frequency noise between devices. The EBG structure usage can be on board, package or at die level. © 2013 IEEE.