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A novel blurring based method for video compression
, S. Gupta, K.S. Venkatesh
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Compression is an essential processing step for multimedia storage, distribution and transmission in terms of optimum resource utilization. Non-customary compression methods have become an important area for research due saturation of traditional coding based compression techniques. In this paper, we propose a novel spectrum based compression technique to further reduce the data footprint with satisfactory quality metric for the cases of video. Proposed method is based on principle that 'Any information that can be restored, can be compressed'. We blur the individual frames with a given Point Spread Function (PSF) to increase the DC component and compress using standard MPEG coder. To recover the video, we perform frame by frame deconvolution using the known blur PSF. Results obtained show further improvement of 20 to 30% in achieved compression with respect to original MPEG compressed video with satisfactory quality of recovered input. © 2019 IEEE.