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A Noise-Resilient Super-Resolution Framework to Boost OCR Performance
M. Sharma, A. Ray, , B. Lall
Published in IEEE Computer Society
Volume: 1
Pages: 466 - 471
Recognizing text from noisy low-resolution (LR) images is extremely challenging and is an open problem for the computer vision community. Super-resolving a noisy LR text image results in noisy High Resolution (HR) text image, as super-resolution (SR) leads to spatial correlation in the noise, and further cannot be de-noised successfully. Traditional noise-resilient text image super-resolution methods utilize a denoising algorithm prior to text SR but denoising process leads to loss of some high frequency details, and the output HR image has missing information (texture details and edges). This paper proposes a noise-resilient SR framework for text images and recognizes the text using a deep BLSTM network trained on high resolution images. The proposed end-To-end deep learning based framework for noise-resilient text image SR simultaneously perform image denoising and super-resolution as well as preserves missing details. Stacked sparse denoising auto-encoder (SSDA) is learned for LR text image denoising, and our proposed coupled deep convolutional auto-encoder (CDCA) is learned for text image super-resolution. The pretrained weights for both these networks serve as initial weights to the end-To-end framework during finetuning, and the network is jointly optimized for both the tasks. We tested on several Indian Language datasets and the OCR performance of the noise-resilient super-resolved images is at par with the original HR images. © 2017 IEEE.
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