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A free viewpoint 3DTV system based on parameterized variety model
M. Sharma, , B. Lall
Published in
Pages: 1026 - 1029
This paper presents a novel parameterized variety based architecture for interactive 3DTV and Free viewpoint TV (FTV) applications. The proposed signal representation scheme allows to render free viewpoint images, taking only few sample images of the scene acquired by arbitrary, uncalibrated cameras. We extend the Parameterized Image Variety approach for rendering proposed earlier by Genc and Ponce [1] to handle full perspective cameras. A fast and efficient algebraic framework is proposed for the parameterized representation of 3D scene, in terms of image pixel positions corresponding to only three reference scene points. The key aspects of the novel FTV architecture based on this variety model are i) interactive stereoscopic view synthesis from arbitrary viewpoint ii) intuitive interface for content based virtual view specification iii) facilitation to add special effects like 3D scene augmentation. © 2012 ICPR Org Committee.
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