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A framework for quality-based biometric classifier selection
H.S. Bhatt, S. Bharadwaj, , , A. Ross, A. Noore
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Pages: 1 - 7
Multibiometric systems fuse the evidence (e.g., match scores) pertaining to multiple biometric modalities or classifiers. Most score-level fusion schemes discussed in the literature require the processing (i.e., feature extraction and matching) of every modality prior to invoking the fusion scheme. This paper presents a framework for dynamic classifier selection and fusion based on the quality of the gallery and probe images associated with each modality with multiple classifiers. The quality assessment algorithm for each biometric modality computes a quality vector for the gallery and probe images that is used for classifier selection. These vectors are used to train Support Vector Machines (SVMs) for decision making. In the proposed framework, the biometric modalities are arranged sequentially such that the stronger biometric modality has higher priority for being processed. Since fusion is required only when all unimodal classifiers are rejected by the SVM classifiers, the average computational time of the proposed framework is significantly reduced. Experimental results on different multi-modal databases involving face and fingerprint show that the proposed quality-based classifier selection framework yields good performance even when the quality of the biometric sample is sub-optimal. © 2011 IEEE.
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Journal2011 International Joint Conference on Biometrics, IJCB 2011
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