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A framework for data security and storage in Cloud Computing
A. Bhandari, A. Gupta,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1 - 7
Cloud Computing is a rising field in the history of computing. It is a way to maximise the capacity and capabilities without spending a lot to buy a new infrastructure and software. When users are online, they can get faster access to their data due to the massive storage. Although Cloud computing has many advantages due to large number of organizations moving towards it, it comes up with lots of security issues and breaches faced by both cloud service providers and users which are addressed in this paper. An efficient framework is devised for dealing with such issues. Proposed framework can protect data while transferring, sharing and storing in data centers using classification of data, Hashed Message Authentication codes and Index Building. The data is divided into three sections and accordingly the user is asked for authentication. User is provided the digital signature which can be verified with cloud directory. Using indexing, search can be made on the encrypted data. © 2016 IEEE.