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A Brief Review on Self-cleaning Coatings for Photovoltaic Systems
S. Senthil,
Published in Springer Nature
Pages: 197 - 234
Solar energy is the most efficient and economic gateway for power generation. The development of solar research and technological innovation, and corresponding decline in the prices of solar power harnessing devices, has paved the way for low-cost energy generation in developing country, India. It is estimated that if at least 10% of the total geographical area are effectively utilized, the available solar energy would be 8 million MW, which is equivalent to ~6000 Mtoe per year (https://www.indiaenergyportal.org/subthemes.php?text=solar ). However, installed photovoltaic systems including the solar panels in desert areas and in the industrial areas are prone to the accretion of dust and dirt particles. This resultant fouling hinders the conversion of incident light into electricity, causing a decline in the energy conversion efficiency up to 50%. To maintain a steady performance of PV panels, the surfaces of which must be cleaned regularly. However, current methods of cleaning are expensive, inefficient, and potentially harmful to the surfaces. With recent progress in nanotechnology research, nanostructured coatings have become multifunctional, efficient, and smart. Particularly, self-cleaning coatings have gained considerable attraction owing to its application in a wide range of fields. In this chapter, a brief review regarding the recent progress of bio-mimic self-cleaning coatings on photovoltaic solar systems is presented. A brief introduction on the types of self-cleaning coatings and their properties, such as wettability, optical transparency, mechanical durability, and environmental durability characteristics, is discussed. A short note on the considerations and developments regarding the fabrication of durable, self-cleaning coatings for photovoltaic systems has been presented. © 2021, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
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