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A Blockchain Based Solution for Securing Data of IoT Devices
J. Kaur, V. Singla,
Published in Springer
Volume: 12019 LNCS
Pages: 122 - 129
In today’s time, the number of IoT devices are increasing rapidly. We everyday hear about Amazon echo, Google Mini, Smart watches etc. These devices collect confidential data of a person and as most of these systems follow centralized architecture approach, So most of the data on internet is basically managed by some central authority or organization. Though these organizations have strict policy regarding data misuse or changing of data without consent but one can’t overlook the fact that these organizations have the ability to do so. Blockchain helps solve such problem as it is not managed by single party if somebody tries to change data in his Blockchain then the hash of the particular block will no longer match and the particular Blockchain will become invalid and other Blockchain will still be intact and therefore users data won’t be compromised. But due to high resource requirement, it becomes problem to run complete Blockchain node on all IoT devices mainly on low power or memory devices. In this paper, we have developed decentralized architecture leveraged from Blockchain technology coupled with an alternative centralized cloud architecture which is a classic client/server architecture with an underlying Blockchain at back-end support with smart contract application written in Solidity language at Ethereum platform. We implement this framework and show how this architecture prevent data misuse by using functionality of Blockchain without requiring the all IoT devices to actually run a Blockchain node. For an end-user experience, it will appear to be same as a normal web app and from the developers perspective, the smart contract application will have similar software design to current web apps thus allowing an easy transition for both of centralized and decentralized methods while still retaining the trust of decentralization. © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020.